Justin Peckett

Justin joined Leading Teams in 1996 as an athlete facilitator when he was a footballer at St Kilda Football Club. He retired in 2006 following a career that spanned 17 years and 252 games with the Saints.

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How would you like to be described by your family, friends, and clients?

I would like to be described as someone who is engaged, interested, a hard worker, available, a role model, wise, funny, a trusted and valued business partner

What is your favourite piece of leadership advice, or quote?

I was going through a very challenging time as an 18 year old when someone said to me ‘shit happens’ – I took offence at the time because I was thinking poor me but as I reflected on my situation at that point in time and I now use it regularly to get me focused on taking responsibility, taking action, looking forward and not allowing myself to spend too much time in a negative frame of mind.

What does success look like with a client?

Success is a strong professional relationship between the Leading Teams facilitator and the leader/s & the key centres of influence within the organisation we are engaged with.
It is also when our programs help to address the client’s challenges and when agreed program outcomes are achieved, resulting in a combination of organisational, team and individual performance improvement.

Tell us about your culture and leadership experience?

I have been in teams and been exposed to leaders (family, sport, school, work, community etc) all my life and I have been involved in what I believe to be great teams through to dysfunctional. I have a solid appreciation of culture (behaviour that gets rewarded) and how it impacts team and individual performance. The leaders I have been exposed to in my life – parents, teachers, sport coaches and business leaders have all helped shape the leader I am now. Either because I have admired their leadership characteristics, adopted elements of their style and eagerly followed them or because their style of leadership did not resonate with me and therefore, I often chose not to follow their direction and have vowed not to replicate their leadership behaviour. I currently have leadership roles as a parent, coach, sporting club committee member, Leading Teams leadership team member, Chairman and employer. Despite all my culture and leadership experience, I am open to infinite learning to enable my growth as a leader.

Justin has been trusted by

“I have known Justin in a professional capacity for six years, as a facilitator of the Leading Teams organisation, and have used his expertise to build positive working cultures within three diverse corporate environments.
Justin has been able to guide and coach each of the teams that I have been fortunate to lead in a fashion that has seen each of them develop quickly into a high performing team. His leadership style is one that exudes honesty, respect and understanding for the people that he works with – and, the experience and insight that he brings as a former elite athlete and expert in leadership behaviours and dynamism is outstanding.
“Justin always gives all that he has both intellectually and with the energy that he brings to our sessions. He is a leader in the business of leadership.”

Michael Scott
General Manager Marketing, Virgin Australia