Who we are

We are a team of expert facilitators that exist to help teams and leaders become high performing.

About Us

Leading Teams develops high performing teams and leaders.

We are a team of facilitators that deliver our tailored programs to organisations Australia-wide. Our expertise is focused on improving the performance of teams; we specialise in culture change, leadership and team development programs.

Leading Teams is passionate about implementing sustainable performance programs within organisations, that help them become great places to work.

We believe that we can help any given team to become high performing.

Our Culture

When you work with Leading Teams, we’ll talk a lot about trademarks: both personal and team.

A trademark is how you define what it means to be a part of a team. It sets out the agreed standards that the team will operate under; it creates a code of conduct for the culture you want to see. It’s what you hang your hat on as a team and it defines the legacy you want to leave.

At Leading Teams we have a trademark that defines what culture is and clearly outlines what are the behaviours that are accepted and rewarded in our team.

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Tim Ferguson & Lucas Gamble

Leading Teams Clients

Our Clients

Over our history Leading Teams has supported thousands of organisations and leaders across Australia to become high performing, through the implementation of our Performance Improvement Program.

We deliver this program to a wide and diverse client base including those from government, education, elite sport, and across corporate Australia. The key factor that these teams all share is that they have leaders is that they have a willingness to improve and get better.

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Our Model

Many companies focus only on their numbers, systems, processes and KPIs to achieve success – we call these the mechanics.

However, we prove that focusing attention on the dynamics (culture, relationships, behaviour) will have a direct and positive impact on the performance/ mechanics of your business. Our model is a framework that allows your team to discuss performance in a safe environment.

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High performing teams model

Our History

Our model was first conceptualised by Ray McLean during his time as a leadership facilitator in the RAAF, his first book Any Given Team goes into detail about how this model was born.

In 1992 he began a pilot leadership development and cultural change involving the Central District Football Club in South Australia.
Ray then joined forces with Kraig Grime in 2000 and our team became Athlete Development Australia and started delivering community programs for TAC and in partnership with Beyond Blue, prison and juvenile justice and Indigenous programs.

In 2006 we changed our name to Leading Teams Australia and began to expand our offering into corporate markets with the Performance Improvement Program that we currently implement with hundreds of organisations across Australia.

In 2014 we expanded operations from solely in Victoria to Adelaide with Daniel Healy coming on board as a facilitator and partner. Over the next few years we launched in Queensland, Sydney and Perth. 

Work For Leading Teams

We are a dynamic organisation with a reputation as leaders in our field. We are very proud of our team culture and of the effort we put in to maintaining it.

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