High Performance Leadership Development Program

This development program is suited to indivduals who wish to sharpen their leadership skills in a supportive yet challenging environment.

Purpose of the High Performance Leadership Program

The aim of the High Performance Leadership program is to develop individuals who are looking to master their leadership capacity in the company of talented peers.

We run it both as a tailored internal program with a selection of participants from the same organisation or an external program that is open to individuals from different companies to register for.

What you can expect to cover in this program:

  • What does it mean to be a high-performing leader?
  • Understanding your own leadership style and how it impacts team and individual performance.
  • Understanding your DiSC profile and how it links to building relationships, communicating effectively and dealing with conflict.
  • How to adapt your leadership style to suit your situation and get results. · Development of your own leadership philosophies and personal trademark.


Leaders who would benefit from this program are:

  • Committed leaders and who want to become a high performing leader.
  • committed to driving the performance of your team.
  • You believe that culture drives performance, and the key drivers of that culture are the leaders.
  • Invested in your own development. You understand that the best way to develop a team is to start by developing yourself.
  • Open-minded and have a thirst for knowledge.
  • Prepared to roll up your sleeves and get into the ‘doing’ of leadership.


Program Framework

High Performance Leadership is a program of practical and experiential learning, delivered by Leading Teams’ expert facilitators. Usually this program comprises of six full days of interactive workshops, delivered over a 6-8 month period with approximately 4-6 weeks between sessions.

As well as offering a leadership training opportunity, the program creates a forum for the discussion of leadership and the creation of peer networks among the group. Participants will reflect on their individual leadership practice to identify areas for development. They will have the opportunity to apply the tools and models to their leadership practice between sessions and discuss the outcomes at the next meeting.

All sessions involve the discussion of workplace matters raised by program participants. This real-life, action-based learning approach enables the sharing of experiences and ideas between group members and fosters strong networks and relationships that will deliver genuine workplace improvement.


Upcoming programs

We are happy to discuss bespoke programs with you and / or your organisation. We also offer individual coaching and mentoring sessions. Please call our office on 1300 644 578 to discuss your options for personal leadership development.


Hear from past participants on the program

Danica Corbett
People & Culture Manager, Nodifi

Shane Wright
Operations Manager, Auto Masters

Madi Hurley
Communications, Pickstar

‘The High Performance Leadership Program has been the best program I have ever done. I have grown both personally and professionally. Best of all, I have made incredible cultural changes across my organisation, which has lifted the performance of our entire team. As a charity, our reach and impact has grown as a direct result of this program. What’s the secret sauce? A perfect blend of quality content, expert facilitation, hands-on learning and access to a group of exceptional humans who develop together.’

Thea Stinear, CEO – Cool Australia

‘Of all the leadership programs I have supported for my staff over the years, I have seen the most impact from our leaders as a result of the Leading Teams High Performance Leadership program. I will be sending more leaders to the next program.’
Rob Weeden, General Manager – Pan Pacific
‘”I have found this course to be astoundingly insightful, and to feel a sense of empowerment that I’m allowed to be myself, to be real and engaged and personally open and supportive to my team, The engagement of the team notably changed over the weeks and I think every one of us took great lessons from this. I very much hope we can continue to grow in this area.’
Phillipa McLaren – Idexx

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