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Our Clients

Leading Teams is passionate about creating high performing teams and individuals. We can help any given team to be high performing.

Whilst we are best known for our success in improving the performance of professional sports teams, more than 80% of our current clients are in the corporate world.

We have extensive experience in the delivery of performance improvement programs to a wide and diverse client base. The experience gained from working with these clients has allowed us to develop a strong reputation in the Australia-wide market place. Our service is only as good as the relationships developed with our clients, so we work closely together to ensure our clients’ requirements are met, and we actively identify ways to enhance our service provision at all times.


We’ve worked with thousands of corporate organisations including Shell, Merivale, Flight Centre, Virgin Velocity, Powercor and more. We develop corporate leaders who behave in a manner that positively impacts on their peers and the performance of the organisation.

Our work with corporate clients:


Kain Lawyers

Elite sports

A champion team will always beat a team of champions.

Since 2005, our AFL clients have won nine premierships whilst we’ve been working with them. We have had many success stories in the AFL, working with 16 of the 18 clubs over the years, as well as national and local teams in netball, NRL, cricket, basketball and more.

Our work with elite sports clients:

Government, Community and Non-Profit

Experience tells us that this sector faces a specific set of challenges: lack of resources, bureaucracy, resistance to change. And that’s why we think the work we do with these organisations is so important. We’ve worked with many government bodies to introduce cultural change, improve communication and develop leaders within their organisations. We take a flexible approach to program implementation based on the specific needs of the team.

Our work with government, community and non-profit clients:


We’ve worked with hundreds of universities, institutes of TAFE and primary and secondary schools to develop leaders among their staff and students. A number of our staff – including Martine Harkin, Ray McLean, Daniel Healy, Kelly Vennus – have been teachers before coming to Leading Teams, so they have a comprehensive understanding of the education sector’s particular challenges.

Leading Teams delivers educational leadership programs in schools for teachers and staff, developing leadership, team work and a culture that supports teachers in their high-pressure environment. We have also designed programs for students of all ages which focus on understanding and developing their leadership skills.

Our work with education clients:

Emmaus Catholic Primary School

TAFE Queensland SkillsTech

We know that our programs are applicable to any given team, so don’t worry if you work in a different kind of team. Give us a call on 03 9654 3744 to discuss how we could help you.