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A real estate agency that cares about culture.

Ouwens Casserly Real Estate are a high performing organisation. As a reflection of this, OCRE have recently been named Residential Agency of the Year at the national 2022 AREA Awards.

The AREA awards are widely regarded as a benchmark for excellence, recognizing the best businesses and professionals in the real estate industry across Australia.

Nathan Casserly, Managing Director of Ouwens Casserly, attributes this success to the shared leadership and collaboration of the entire OC team. He highlighted the team’s resilience and strength in challenging times, where directors Alex Ouwens and Luke Holden were taking time away from the business while their children were battling cancer.

“Awards often celebrate a business when it’s thriving in a strong market, but the true test of a company is how it navigates challenging times and changing markets. This award is a testament to our business, our team, and our culture, and we are grateful for the recognition and to all our clients for their consistent trust in our brand.,” added Mr Casserly.

Leading Teams are proud to have partnered with Ouwens Casserly Real Estate for over 6 years now. Nathan Casserly and his business partner Alex Ouwens realised that they needed support to help grow the business and provide support to develop their leaders. ‘As nice guys sometimes, we aren’t always quick enough or strong enough to have genuine conversations.’

See why Ouwens Casserly wanted to partner with Leading Teams

In this partnership Leading Teams have supported OC to shape and bring their values to life and drive a high-performance culture. OC genuinely understands the importance of focussing on the dynamics (people and culture) to drive the mechanics and ultimate performance in the business.

Living their values has resulted in an exceptional company culture, high employee retention rates and engagement survey results. OC have recognised the value and importance of investing in an empowerment model in their business – with shared leadership and team responsibilities resulting in high performance. With a strong Employee Value Proposition, they are well regarded as an attractive employer within the industry.

The organisations performance is reflected in key people metrics including below average sales attrition of 12% (over 3 years) in comparison to the industry standard of over 25%. They have seen an increase in employee engagement results from 80% in 2020, 84% in 2021 to 91% in 2022, which is testament to their strong culture.

OC reward and recognise their people for living the values with monthly, quarterly and annual values awards. The annual values award is regarded as one of the most prestigious of all awards within the organisation. The values are so well entrenched into the culture of OC, that team members provide shout outs to each other for living the values in all team meetings.

Watch the full conversation between Nathan Casserly and our team.


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