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Performance Improvement Program

Our Performance Improvement Program (PIP) is the cornerstone of our work at Leading Teams.

It is a values-based approach to leadership, teamwork and culture change. The PIP is generally delivered over a sustained period for maximum impact and typically encompasses an all-of-organisation approach. The program provides a structure that empowers team members to become leaders, be accountable, and participate in open and honest reviews of performance. We provide teams with the necessary tools to develop functional dynamics within the group and create shared vision, behaviours and expectations.

Our PIP can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your team or organisation. The key areas that we address are:

We work in a wide range of industries in organisations of various sizes. Our Performance Improvement Program can be rolled out with board and senior Executive teams, right through to entry-level teams.

We work with individuals and teams across the corporate, sporting, government and education sectors. Contact us today to hear how we can help your organisation.

Mission Statement & Values Survey

In 2014 we surveyed over 500 employees to find out how aligned they felt to their organisation’s mission and values. We summarised the results below.

Mission Statement Values Survey Infographic