Gold Coast Titans

Gold Coast Titans NRLW

A team truly connected to their trademark.

Craig Hodges has partnered with Karyn Murphy the Head Coach of the Gold Coast Titans NRLW team to help develop their culture and to build a team trademark for the 2023 season.

In 2022 the team did not perform as expected and finish the season at the bottom of the ladder.

The trademark they have developed in pre-season as a team is ‘Junkyard Dogs – Relentless, United and Elite’ and it is a mentality around being prepared to scrap for anything and everything. To never back down from any challenge.

As Craig shares ‘relentless’ was quickly bought that into their preparation and performance. ‘United’ took longer as there was a lot of new people, and it took time to build trust and relationships, but they were committed to each other. ‘Elite’ is more around their mentality as well in that they don’t need to be paid professionally to behave and perform professionally.’

This trademark and behaviours have been consistently modelled by the leadership group and ingrained into their language and culture.

‘It started as what they wanted to be and is now who they are. The result of this work is a shift from finishing last place in 2022 season to making the grand final this year.’

The Gold Coast Titans NRLW team are a great example of how embracing a trademark developed by the team will help improve performance.

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