Daniel Healy

I began my 27-year relationship with Leading Teams while playing football at SANFL club, Central District. My move to AFL club, St Kilda, coincided with Ray McLean, Leading Teams Founder, delivering the Performance Improvement Program there in the mid-1990s. I was one of the founding athlete facilitators delivering Leading Teams workshops in schools and to at risk youth.
I began full time employment with Leading Teams over 6 years ago, after a successful teaching (B.ed Maths/Science) and coaching career (accredited AFL Level 3 coach). I am now a Director of Leading Teams.

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How would you like to be described by your family, friends, and clients?

I would like to be described as passionate, caring, knowledgeable and empathetic.
Passion – People can see that I love what I do
Care – I go out of my way to support and help
Knowledge – They seek my advice because I know my stuff
Empathy – I walk in their shoes

What is your favourite piece of leadership advice, or quote?

‘It is amazing how much can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit’.
(Harry Truman/John Wooden are both credited with this quote)

What does success look like with a client?

Success for a client ultimately is a higher performing team. This will generally be a greater weight of numbers pulling in one direction for a common cause (Purpose). It means the right behaviours will consistently be rewarded and the less desirable ones will be challenged. Through stronger relationships and adherence to an agreed framework, the group will feel safer in having these conversations and in turn their performance will improve.

Tell us about your culture and leadership experience?

I am proud to say that I was involved with company cofounder Ray Mclean’s first ever program, at Central District FC (CDFC) in 1993. The simplicity and cut through of the program resonated with me then and I have had a strong connection with Ray and Leading Teams ever since, both personally and as a client on several occasions.
I was lucky enough to Captain CDFC to 4 premierships in the 2000’s. I have been on the leadership team at LTA since 2016.

Daniel has been trusted by

“The most significant outcome of having Daniel and Leading Teams work with us is the building of trust within the team; that trust has, in turn, enabled our team members to call each other on their behaviour. It’s almost as though Leading Teams is actually part of our team.”

John Kain
Managing Director, Kain Lawyers