Shire of Murray

Former Leading Teams facilitator, Serena Easton, worked with the Shire of Murray on strengthening their professional relationships. Dean Unsworth, CEO, gave us his take on the program.

What issues were you noticing in your team that needed addressing?

The team was continuing to focus on operational issues and not enough time was being focused on strategic development and their own managers’ and teams’ development. While our team was aware of it, we had not had enough group dialogue to rectify this as a team, and were trying to address it as individuals.

What is the impact of working with Leading Teams?

The impact has been truly positive. While we had used alternative facilitators before this programme is the one that has shown very clear sustainable positive outcomes.

What areas in your business use Leading Teams?

– Executive Leadership Team (CEO and Directors)
– Directors and their own management teams

What is different about Leading Teams?

It is very personal and doesn’t rely on theory but draws out the issue in a safe team environment. It draws out the ‘wicked problems’ but in a safe and trusted environment. It is very effective.

What is the single biggest improvement you have seen in your organisation?

A significant increase in trust within the team and a clear demonstration of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses within the team, the members know how they can help each other. This strategy has increased the trust within the group.

What have you found out about yourself throughout this program?

It has helped me identify how my behaviour/s can affect other members of the team.

In a word or sentence, describe your experience with Leading Teams?

The most effective and worthwhile leadership programme I have undertaken.

What would have been the impact had you not addressed the issues with your team?

We’d have continued as we were, without the strength in relationships needed to build our level of trust.


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