Priceline Pharmacy Horsham

Priceline Horsham won the Priceline Pharmacy of the Year award in 2015. Franchise partner, Stuart Hall, and his senior staff attended the Leadership Wimmera Business Leaders course run by Leading Teams.

What issues were you noticing in your team that needed addressing?

Since 2010, my business has undergone major changes including rebranding, relocation and a new management structure. Resistance to change and attachment to the past was common among staff. As the business owner, I was excited about the future, but hesitant about going through the steps toward transformation.

Why Leading Teams?

Leading Teams was recommended to me by a colleague and I completed the Leadership Wimmera Business Leaders course with Leading Teams as facilitators in 2010. I was familiar with the work Leading Teams had done in AFL circles so I was keen to enrol for the course.

What is the impact of working with Leading Teams?

Leading Teams promotes honesty within self and among others. The Leading Teams framework helps you to identify the core issues which are holding back your team. From there you can devise strategies and interventions to get the best out of your team.

What areas in your business use Leading Teams?

The ‘genuine conversations’ are had at all levels of the business from owners through to employees and other stakeholders.

What is different about Leading Teams?

The Leading Teams facilitators quickly worked out the differing needs of each participant. They are experts at reading people and tailoring advice. They don’t make assumptions or generalisations. They don’t shy away from sensitive issues.

What is the single biggest improvement you have seen in your organisation?

As a team we are more accountable to customers and to each other. Questions are asked when poor performance occurs.

What have you found out about yourself throughout this program?

The facilitators and group members helped me to believe I could achieve my business goals and they encouraged me through the early phase of my business transformation. With their help, I identified and overcame the sources of doubt which were holding me back.

In a word or sentence, describe your experience with Leading Teams?


What would have been the impact had you not addressed the issues with your team?

Team members would have been unclear about our expectations and it is unlikely they would have shown the required behaviours for the business to reach its potential. Execution of our strategy would have been more difficult had we not been part of the Leading Teams experience.

Ask Us About The Performance Improvement Program

We work in a wide range of industries in organisations of all sizes. Our Performance Improvement Program can be rolled out across the whole organisation, from the board and senior executive teams, right through to entry-level teams.