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Gavin Mahoney

Gavin is a driven and passionate facilitator who loves a challenge.  He prides himself on putting people first and forging strong relationships to improve individual and team performance.

Having completed a Bachelor of Commerce, Gavin combined his love of setting himself a challenge with his love for travel to work across multiple new locations.  He started with the Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation in the Northern Territory before being appointed General Manager of AFL London in 2009.  More recently he worked in the marketing team at FC Union Berlin, a Bundesliga division 2 club in Germany.  Combined with stints at the Australian Sports Commission and the AFL, Gavin brings a broad range of knowledge and experience to his role at Leading Teams.

Gavin has worked for and with community groups, private businesses and Government organisations to reach their ambitious objectives.  During this time, he has continually committed to volunteer community positions with sporting clubs which reflects his work ethic and philosophy of giving back to the community.

Gavin believes that the true essence of a high performing team is built on trust, relationships, accountability and enjoyment.  Once these key foundations are in place, the team can focus on achieving their stated targets.

“There is something really special about working with high performing people and high performing teams.  When you are a part of a high performing team, there is a certain intangible energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment that drives people to commit to a higher purpose.  The opportunity to work with teams to reach this point and feel this experience is what drives me.”

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“We knew as soon as we met Gavin that he not only had the right skills to be a great facilitator, his breadth and depth of experience with such a variety of teams will help him relate to our broad range of clients. We also knew that he was the right fit for Leading Teams – he straight away shared his own personal values and how those aligned with ours. We couldn’t not ask him to join us.”

Martine Harkin
Facilitator, Leading Teams