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Tim Ferguson

Tim was first exposed to the Leading Teams model in 2009 whilst working in a senior management role at The Gordon Institute of TAFE in Geelong. He recalls being struck by the simplicity of the model, and its ability to recognise that everyone has the capability to be a leader. Tim wasted little time in using the model to help his teams improve, and he witnessed firsthand the difference it can make when people put the best interests of the team before their own.

Tim specialises in assisting organisations to grow commercially. Prior to joining Leading Teams he spent fourteen years in business development roles in the vocational education and training industry with Construction Training Australia, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, and Gordon Institute of TAFE. Tim played a role in The Gordon becoming the most commercially successful TAFE Institute in Australia.

Tim’s number one motivation is being part of a successful team. “There is nothing more satisfying than being part of a group that is able to use its collective strengths to overcome a challenge . In my experience, the basis of this success always comes down to honesty and accountability.”

“The Leading Teams model really addresses the core underlying principles of human behaviour in any team, whether it be in the workplace or on the sporting field. I believe most of us go to work each day hoping to have a positive impact on our organisation and our peers, and most of us like to be rewarded for our efforts. The question is, what do you have to do to be rewarded in your organisation – and if you make the effort and no one notices, are you likely to continue to make the effort again?”

“Many organisations reward the wrong things, even if the reward is simply to ignore counterproductive behaviour. I worked in an organisation where it was made very clear what would be rewarded, and what wouldn’t be tolerated. We expected more from each other, and we were serious about trying to improve. It is possible to change the culture of an organisation, however, you must first be clear about what it is that you want to be.”

Tim has a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration from the University of Canberra, an Advanced Diploma in Business Management from the University of Ballarat, and a Diploma in Project Management from The Gordon.

Tim has worked with:

  • Swinburne University
  • ConvaTec
  • Education Services Australia
  • Flexi Personnel
  • TAFE Queensland
  • Aviagen
  • Olikka
  • Anchorage Capital Partners
  • Staughton College

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“Leading Teams offers a common sense, evidence-based and practical approach. The model focuses on dynamics rather than mechanics with an emphasis on everyone taking ownership and being accountable for their behaviour at both an individual level and as a part of a team. The Leading Teams model has been very successful with the Senior Executive Team and senior leaders across the region. TQST is now rolling out the model across all teams in the organisation.”

Mary Campbell
General Manager, TAFE Queensland SkillsTech