Catherine Ayad

Catherine Ayad is an experienced senior facilitator and image consultant who is renowned for her unwavering dedication to create positive behaviour change across a diverse range of industries. With a Masters degree in Teaching from Monash University and extensive experience in corporate and educational settings, Catherine excels in designing and facilitating workshops that empower individuals and teams achieve tangible results.

Catherine’s experience has seen her work alongside national and international clients across the government, corporate, non-for profit and education sectors for the likes of Victoria Police, Ernst and Young, Phuel as well as training provider Suzan Johnston Australia.

How would you like to be described by your family, friends, and clients?

In my family, I’m known for my love, support, and boundless curiosity, always keeping everyone on their toes with my zest for life. With friends, I’m thoughtful, caring and fun, offering honest advice and unforgettable moments. And for my clients, I’m professional, reliable, and dedicated, striving to exceed expectations and genuinely care about their success.

What is your favourite piece of leadership advice, or quote?

1. One impactful piece of leadership advice I appreciate is: “Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge.”
This quote by Simon Sinek emphasises the importance of servant leadership and prioritising the well-being and development of your team members above all else.

2. Another favourite leadership quote of mine is by Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
This quote highlights the significance of empathy, connection, and the lasting impact of our actions as leaders.

What does success look like with a client?

Success with a client is driven by their needs and where they are at in the time we work together. Working to having a high-performing team is like winning a relay race with the whole team cheering you on! Each team member is working in sync to pass the baton smoothly as they race towards the finish line. Along the way, they are understanding their purpose, while having genuine conversations, sharing ideas, and trusting in each other’s abilities. It’s all about teamwork and trust. Everyone feels like a winner, knowing that whatever role they played has been an important part of the victory. It’s not just about the ultimate success; it’s the thrill of the journey where everyone crosses the line together, celebrating as a team.

Tell us about your culture and leadership experience?

My leadership and culture experience encompasses a diverse range of projects and collaborations across various sectors, including government, corporate, non-profit, and education. I’ve had the privilege of working with organisations such as Victoria Police, Ernst and Young, Phuel, MosaicLab and Suzan Johnston Australia, where I’ve contributed to fostering positive organisational cultures and driving impactful leadership initiatives. My approach is rooted in collaboration, empathy, and a commitment to excellence, aiming to empower individuals and organisations to achieve their fullest potential.