Andy Paterson

You may have heard the expression, ‘When your heart sings’ – for me that would be swimming in the ocean or helping others to discover their potential. The opportunity to do this every day at Leading Teams (alas not the swimming bit) is unbelievably exciting.

Renowned for my infectious energy, adaptability in fast-paced settings, and empathetic leadership, I thrive in fostering inclusive cultures where teams can discover their true potential.

Considered approachable and encouraging, I love to create spaces where meaningful conversations thrive. I’m highly likely to be the one talking to the complete stranger at the party, at the bus stop, in the supermarket check-out queue. I simply love hearing people’s stories.

How would you like to be described by your family, friends, and clients?

Empathetic, enthusiastic, funny as well as fun!

What is your favourite piece of leadership advice, or quote?

I think being brave, trying new things and daring to experiment are super important in business and in life. It is only through failure that we truly learn and as Henry Ford famously wrote, “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing”.

What does success look like with a client?

For the client I believe it’s when they begin to see the meaningful positive shifts toward becoming a high performing team – that’s ultimately the brief and why we’re there. For me it’s not only the overall ability of the team to gel as one cohesive unit, but it’s the ‘aha’ moments along the journey. It comes in many forms – genuine discussions, body language, or during moments of reflection.

Tell us about your culture and leadership experience?

Of course there have been underwhelming experiences, but I’ve been fortunate to work for companies where the culture made me want to do the best work of my life. Unsurprisingly, the common theme in each of these positive cultures was the strength and positivity of its leadership – inspirational leaders who empowered me, provided clear direction and outlined a common and unified purpose. As a leader myself for a large part of my career, I absorbed these positive behaviours and incorporated them into my own leadership style.