Starting a new job sits on a sliding scale between excitement and apprehension.

Exciting at the prospect of new challenges, new colleagues, new clients. Exciting knowing I can bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge to create improved experiences.

But with that, a little apprehension creeps in. Will my skills be valued? Is the business everything it claims to be? Will I feel supported or will every action be met with a brick wall? Am I the right fit?

I was first drawn to work with Leading Teams when I discovered their approach to supporting individuals and business to improve team performance. Ever since I was an academic at ECU, focused on developing better managers and leaders, this has been critical for me. We all spend a lot of time at work, and while most managers work hard to achieve KPIs, the delicate art of connecting with staff and building strong, genuine relationships can be a challenge for most. And we know, this is the building block for performance.

What struck me is not only are Leading Teams and I ‘singing from the same hymn book’ in supporting organisations to improve, but they actually practice what they preach in their own business – every day. Day 1 on the job, I was asked what the expected behaviours are for members of Leading Teams. But more than that, as a business unit we explored in detail, what that looks like. Clear examples of what team members do to effectively live these highly valued, agreed behaviours. I was encouraged to identify specific examples of what I planned to do in the first month, that demonstrated each of these behaviours, why, how and what I needed to be successful. We spent much of day 1 not only considering the mechanics of this job, but how to embed the dynamics of the role – what the culture of the team and the business looks like. I was left with no uncertainty as to my expected behaviours in this role.

Every day, team members from around the country pick up the phone and call me, offering insights, resources and tips, making me feel a genuine part of the team. The fascinating thing is, based in Perth, and with domestic border restrictions changing daily, I have not met any of the team face to face. But that makes no difference to the strong relationships and dynamics of this team.

Those that know me, know that I have a strong background in facilitation and sound knowledge of how leaders can genuinely improve staff performance. Working with Leading Teams allows me to be even better at what I do, with the strength of 25 years’ experience and stellar resources to support me. The starting weeks with this company confirm they live their model of a high performing team.

How was your initial experience in a new job? What did it say about the business?

Jenny Devine

Jenny Devine

Jenny joined Leading Teams after a varied career working with organisations and individuals as they undergo change, growth, and innovation. Jenny is based in Perth.

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