Curtin University Sport & Recreation

Curtin University Sport & Recreation is a business unit of the larger organisation. Leading Teams worked with both the Leadership & Management team and the entire full-time staff team. We spoke to David Russell, Head of Sport and Recreation, about the program.

What issues were you noticing in your team that needed addressing?

The team had gone through a period of change. There had been some staff turnover and exploring the development of a strong cultural philosophy was timely. Mechanical operations such as planning processes and structural realignment had been undertaken and a focus on team development to support the changes and improve performance was the next step. Further, there was a combination of lack of experience and a lack of understanding of managerial responsibility within the Leadership team. This was placing pressure both upward and downward within the structure.

Why Leading Teams?

The simplicity of the framework was attractive, and was underpinned by their experience with previous high-profile and high-performing clients. The initial workshop session to understand the process and framework was useful in determining the way forward.

What is the impact of working with Leading Teams?

The short-term impact on the team has been very positive and empowering for team members. Transforming cultural ethos into practical and tangible tactics that are clearly understood by staff has assisted the building of a stronger culture. This has had an ongoing positive impact on the team and the operation.

Working directly with the Leadership & Management team has been critical in establishing clarity around roles, responsibilities and an effective way to combine resource allocation for both strategic and operational capacity.

What is different about Leading Teams?

A well-considered and tested framework that is applicable to all organisations that are dependent on co-operative teams to enhance performance.

What is the single biggest improvement you have seen in your organisation?

The ability of staff to identify with a cultural framework/trademark that allows professional discussion amongst all levels of staff about areas of concern, development or challenges. There is a greater understanding of the importance of working together cohesively and there is clarity on how to go about this.

In a word or sentence, describe your experience with Leading Teams?

The experience has been positive, challenging and productive.

What would have been the impact had you not addressed the issues with your team?

Underlying issues and frustrations amongst staff would have become toxic and undermined the performance of the organisation. Our progress and success as an organisation would have been more limited without the Leading Teams workshops.

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