Leading Conversations Ep4:

A Born Leader with Steve Baird

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About this episode

Steve Baird is a whip-smart operator. He works through challenges, finds quick solutions, leads with trust and is always supporting his team. Steve has spent 17 years in airline marketing, ten at Qantas and seven at Virgin, as Head of Marketing for the Velocity Frequent Flyer program.
He tells host Lisa Alexander AM, about his time in the eye of the storm as COVID ripped through the travel industry in 2020, and the leadership experience he called on during that unprecedented time.
But it was during his years at Virgin that he was able to shift a culture ripe for change, enabling himself and his team to kick some serious goals.
Steve’s pedigree too, is without reproach. His father, Bruce Baird AM, was a former deputy leader of the NSW Liberal party, his brother, Mike Baird, is the former Premier of NSW, and his sister is ABC journalist and writer, Julia Baird. But he says it was his mum who was his biggest influence.
Steve is without question the person you want on your side, leading the team.

Episodes are released fortnightly, so stay tuned as we explore different journeys of personal leadership and cultural change.

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