Leading Conversations S2/E8:

Building A Legacy with RD Jones Group

RD Jones Group

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About this episode

When the patriarch of the family business passes unexpectedly, the impact can lead the business to fold. In the case of RD Jones Group, that’s what many looking in from the outside expected. But for Danielle and Luke Donaldson, the daughter and son in law of Richard Jones, the impact was seismic, in fact you can still hear it in Danielle’s voice, 6 years since Richard’s accident. But they’re made of tough stuff, they’re resilient and with a strong team backing them up, they’ve not only maintained the business but expanded it and won industry awards along the way. Instrumental to that success is RD Jones relationship with Leading Teams. Danielle and Luke are talking to Shelly McElroy, their Leading Teams Facilitator, who’s seen them through the most challenging, and best of times.

Episodes are released fortnightly, so stay tuned as we explore different journeys of personal leadership and cultural change.

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Anna Sallows

Anna Sallows

Anna has been part of Leading Teams since 2019. She relishes being part of a successful team, in all facets of her life, as a sister, daughter, partner, colleague, friend, teammate and coach.