Leading Conversations Ep2:

The Unlikely Leader with Clare Ferguson

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About this episode

When workplace culture is set up to reward the stars and not the workhorses, opportunities to create high performing teams can be diminished. This is true in business as it is in elite sport. Clare Ferguson is a quiet achiever, with a do-nothing-by-halves attitude and as a squad member of the Australian National Netball Team, The Diamonds, she wasn’t quite considered leadership material. Not until a massive cultural shift in 2015, that shook Clare and the team.

Clare is in conversation with her former Diamonds Head Coach and host of the Leading Conversations podcast, Lisa Alexander AM. And if there’s anyone who knows about building high performing teams, it’s Lisa, who drove much of the cultural change during her incredibly successful, near-decade spearheading the national squad.

Episodes are released fortnightly, so stay tuned as we explore different journeys of personal leadership and cultural change.

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Guy Redhouse

Guy Redhouse