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We empower high-performing teams and leaders by facilitating cultural change.

How we support

We facilitate face-to-face conversations using a framework to support cultural change, teamwork and leadership.


Our tailored programs focus on a whole-of-organisation approach, providing a framework that encourages improvement through empowerment. 


Our programs develop individuals who are looking to improve their leadership capacity, leveraging the skills of the course participants.

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Who we are

We are a team of experienced facilitators that deliver tailored programs to organisations, teams and leaders. With over 25 years supporting cultural change across all sectors and industries, we assist any given team to become high performing.

Our team

Our team have a combined 120 years’ experience working in the cultural change and leadership space. 

Our culture

At Leading Teams we “Go The Extra Yard”. As you’d expect, we practice what we preach. This means that our behaviours define our culture and how we interact as a team.

Our clients

We are proud to work with a diverse group of clients who recognise the benefits of team empowerment. 

Latest Resources

Unleashing the talent that surrounds us

Unleashing the talent that surrounds us

In his book, “The Element” the late and truly brilliant educator, author, speaker and leader, Sir Ken Robinson wrote a rather bemusing story about Paul McCartney’s education. McCartney was a student at the Liverpool Institute and despite his prodigious talent and his...

Farewell to Guy Redhouse

Farewell to Guy Redhouse

This week we say farewell to a much-loved team member, our Head of Business Growth, Guy Redhouse.  As always at Leading Teams, this provides us with an opportunity to review, and to highlight one of the key models we utilise – both ourselves, and with teams we work...

Authoring My Own Future

Authoring My Own Future

This time last year I felt compelled to send cards to about 30 young people who were completing their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) year. I had been their primary school principal and had seen them joyously graduating from our school in 2014. I wanted to...