Simon Fletcher

My journey with Leading Teams started as an athlete facilitator while playing in the AFL. Upon finishing my AFL career, I worked with Leading Teams full time for 2 years before taking up a job with an AFL Team, the Gold Coast Suns, as the Player Development Manager. In 2016 I returned to Leading Teams and am now based in Queensland.
I made the choice to return to Leading Teams because I am passionate about helping people and believe the team as a collective is more important than the individual.

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How would you like to be described by your family, friends, and clients?

I would like to be described as enthusiastic, dedicated and dependable.

What is your favourite piece of leadership advice, or quote?

“Man capable of changing the world for the better if possible and himself for the better if necessary” – Viktor Frankl
I believe that we are all possible of change and growth, but it comes down to a choice we make and what is motivating us. If we have a mindset and desire to improve, we are more open to hearing what others might have to offer us regarding feedback and support.

What does success look like with a client?

From my experience success looks like the leaders of the team genuinely buying into the team dynamics. This is encapsulated in building strong relationships, modelling the agreed behaviours and holding each other to account through genuine conversations. Leaders then ensure that there is consistent review done of the performance of the team dynamics equally with the mechanics. Once the leaders are on board and driving, the rest of the team understand the value put on the dynamics and therefore jump ‘on the bus’.
Once we have the majority of the team aligned and heading in the same direction performance increases because we have greater engagement and trust which allows leaders to empower their people to perform their role which leads to greater efficiency and outcomes.
I have worked with 1 client in particular who used to talk about their ‘high performers’ as the people that brought in the most revenue, but they now understand that high performers also model the correct behaviours and engage in the team element by supporting and developing others in the team.


Simon has been trusted by

“What Simon did as facilitator was win the confidence of the entire group; he earned our teams’ trust immediately. Throughout the program, Simon challenged the teams to focus on solutions and build an accountability framework on which we were to behave, known as our ‘trademark’. This trademark reflected the teams’ needs as individuals and the business objectives and Simon supported us to develop the skill of having genuine discussions about how to work together, solve conflict and business challenges and communicate.

“It is safe to say the team had many sceptics at the outset who became resolute supporters after experiencing the considerable turn around in team effectiveness by the end of the program. I know our entire group would recommend working with Simon and Leading Teams if you are seeking to improve business performance, culture and teamwork.”

Nathyn Costello
National Recruitment Manager, Defence Force Recruiting