Leading Teams Facilitator

Former staff: Serena Easton

Prior to joining Leading Teams in 2015, Serena’s career embraced various management roles in a broad range of industries including, corporate, mining, construction, engineering, hospitality, human services, not-for-profit, . Serena’s passion for facilitating behavioural change, coaching and professional development is a result of over 20 years’ experience working both in the UK and Western Australia. Serena holds a Degree in Training and Development and a Diploma in Professional Coaching.

Serena’s role as Cultural Development Manager introduced her to the Leading Teams program in 2012. “The Leading Teams model is the most effective cultural behavioural program I have had the pleasure of working with. The results speak for themselves. I am now delighted to be on board with Leading Teams as a Partner and Facilitator”.

Serena has a natural ability to inspire, motivate and support individuals and teams to be the best they can be. She believes that in any business the most valuable asset is its people and taking the time to develop and maintain relationships is the anchor to success.

Serena left Leading Teams in March 2017.