Lisa Alexander

I joined Leading Teams after a successful tenure as Head Coach of the Australian Diamonds national women’s netball team. There, I led and supported a high performance culture that saw players as people first, and where the culture of ‘Sisters in Arms’ was revered by players, past and present. With this strong culture in place, the Diamonds went on to win 81% of their matches, making the team one of the most successful international sporting teams in the world. I was recognised as the AIS Sport Performance Awards Coach of the Year in 2014, and am currently a Victorian Institute of Sport Board Member.

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How would you like to be described by your family, friends, and clients?

I would like to be described as a hard-working ball of energy, interested and curious about the world and beyond, who cares deeply for her family and close friends, and seeks to support those I work alongside with insight, authenticity and generosity.

What is your favourite piece of leadership advice, or quote?

‘To be yourself and be authentic’. This came from Marcus Aurelius, the great Roman General, and the person who made journal writing and reflective practice a key part of his own learning and development.
‘Align your heart, mind and soul and believe in the power of you’, came from Dr Jim Loehr, an American Performance Psychologist, whose work was looking at this area back in the 1980s, he was ahead of this time.
‘First things first’, most influenced by Stephen Covey who has been a driving force in Leadership for many decades. Big rocks first must be prioritised, you and family, then your work and other pursuits, which very difficult in High Performance Sport.

What does success look like with a client?

Success with a client looks like the outcome and agreed behavioural framework being completely synchronised. That there is growth and learning and expanding ideas that lead to improvement of performance on an individual and team basis.

Tell us about your culture and leadership experience?

My culture and leadership journey have been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I was School Sports Captain and SRC President in my final year of High School, and I still have my handwritten speech from the final day of school! I loved leading and loved working with people in teams both academically and on the sporting field. Becoming a mother at the age of 18 brought leadership and priorities into sharp focus as I sought to continue my academic studies, sporting career and balance my family responsibilities. Teaching, Coaching and Family were all the key pillars in that time and each area required work and development on culture and leadership. I have always, and still to this day, adore learning about leadership, personal development and the balance of completing that within a team setting while developing a culture of success. An endless pursuit, as I seek to support others to improve their life journey.