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Leading Teams Facilitator

“Communication is a critical part of any businesses success. We had a good business but our 2020 vision was to make it a great business. To do this we enlisted Jon Fletcher from Leading Teams; he has really helped us by embedding  a supportive structure, allowing for a deepening of relationships within our team. This has been very beneficial to all our staff as they understand the importance of leadership, communication and driving their future success.”

Michael Burnett

Partner, Accru Hobart

Former staff: Jon Fletcher

Jon began working at Leading Teams in 2015 and is heading up our Hobart office. Tasmanian born and bred, Jon has run his own consultancy for the past 10 years, specialising in creating high performance cultures, team, and individual success.

A professional sports coach and mentor for 20 years; coaching Netball successfully at International, National and State level, Jon has a Graduate Diploma in Sports Coaching and is an accredited High Performance Netball Coach.

Having lived and worked in Tasmania, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia and New South Wales, Jon was pleased to settle back in Hobart and run the Tasmanian operation of Leading Teams.

Jon left Leading Teams in December 2016.