Leading Teams Communications

“Clara has been a valued member of our team for a number of years. When she expressed a desire to move into facilitating, we were delighted to be able to give her that opportunity. Her genuine passion for our model coupled with her commitment to our team will ensure that she will be a great success as our newest facilitator.”

Daniel Healy

Partner, Leading Teams

Clara joined Leading Teams in 2012 coming from the sports industry. Clara has a Masters in Sport Psychology and focused her research on team dynamics and culture within professional sport. She also has a degree in Sports Management and has previously worked as an AFL player agent. Clara originally worked in a marketing role at Leading Teams before becoming a facilitator.

Clara’s in-depth understanding of people and psychology means she can work in a wide range of industries with people from all backgrounds. She is particularly passionate about maximising individuals’ potential which results in a greater contribution to the team. A great strength of Clara’s is her deep passion for the Leading Teams model which she uses as a blueprint for both her professional and personal lives.

“My role at Leading Teams allows me to live out my passion daily, and I love working with people from all cultures and walks of life and helping them to become high performing. With my natural optimism, I believe that I can engage and motivate anyone to improve their performance and achieve individual and organisational goals.”