Leading Teams will once again be working with the Brisbane Lions, starting at pre-season training this week.

New Senior Coach Chris Fagan joined the Lions from Hawthorn, where Leading Teams has been in place for most of the last 10 years.

Fagan recognises the contribution our facilitation can make and one of his first priorities for the new season was to bring Leading Teams back.

Pre-season training started last week, and facilitators Simon Fletcher and Ray McLean were in attendance to work with the players, coaches and high-performance staff.

Queensland facilitator, Simon, himself a former AFL player, said: “We’re delighted that Leading Teams is back with the Lions.  We’ve made a strong start this week and have already begun the process of defining the behavioural framework and working towards a team trademark. There’s a lot of potential here for the 2017 season and we want to help them achieve it.”

Chris Fagan, new Brisbane Lions Senior Coach, added: “We have an emerging group of players and we are looking for continuous improvement across everything we do as a football club. We want to develop winning habits and winning behaviours, and working with Leading Teams will help us with that process. We’re excited for the possibilities ahead and looking forward to working with Simon and Ray again.”

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Caroline Reid

Caroline Reid

Caroline worked for Leading Teams from 2016-2018.