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Culture Change

At Leading Teams, we assist teams in challenging their current culture in order to achieve high performance.

Organisational or team culture is defined by the behaviours that we reward. If a counterproductive behaviour goes unchallenged, we are in fact rewarding that behaviour by default. In a business setting, a positive staff culture change would be one where people say “I am responsible for” and “we are responsible for”, rather than “I just work here”.

In order to make a change in an organisation’s culture, time needs to be taken to acknowledge these behaviours and give the team a chance to reflect on whether or not there is a better way of doing things. This doesn’t mean wasting time, apportioning blame, finding out who or what started it; but putting energy into finding an alternative and then proceeding with a team culture change plan.

Organisational culture is all about behaviour and until you are clear about what behaviour you accept and what you don’t, you run the risk of building many other flaws into your organisation. If an organisation is unsure about the behavioural standards required within its culture, it prevents people from being able to show proactive leadership. Proactive leadership means that if that someone sees something that is inappropriate, they know they are allowed to challenge it, or conversely if they see something good, they can reward someone.

Culture also plays a vital role in the induction of staff into a team. Most businesses have a formal induction plan to outline organisational policy. At Leading Teams, we emphasise the power of the informal induction where new members can ask questions like “How do I fit in here?” or “What really gets rewarded around here?”

Culture also influences the way a person exits an organisation. If you let a person go with no dignity or respect then it is quite possible that there is a flaw right through the organisation. If others whom remain in the organisation know that a person was treated poorly on the way out, then that can affect their performance as well.

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