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Leadership Services

Leading Teams has been developing high performing teams and leaders for over 20 years.

Our expertly trained facilitators specialise in the delivery of a range of performance and leadership services such as culture change, leadership and team development programs that create elite teams and improve organisational performance.

We align teams by generating ownership of shared behaviours that empower all members of the team to engage in open, honest, and constructive dialogue to improve team performance. We develop leaders who behave in a manner that has a positive impact on their peers and the performance of the organisation.

This is achieved with a unique and visionary model called the Performance Improvement Program (PIP), developed by Leading Teams in 1992. The program focuses on:

· Leadership development
· Team development
· Culture change

We work within a wide range of industries in organisations of various sizes. Our program can be rolled out with Board and Senior Executive teams, right through to entry-level teams.

We work with individuals and teams across the corporate, sporting, government and education sectors.

Leadership Development

Leadership development training is underpinned by our belief that true leaders need followers and it is these followers that empower the leader to actually lead.

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Team Development

Leading Teams exists to improve team performance and we achieve effectively this through our team development programs.

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Culture Change

We assist teams in challenging their current culture in order to achieve high performance.

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Professional Development

Professional development involves acquiring new knowledge and skills for career advancement and personal development.

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Guest Speaking

All of our facilitators are excellent speakers and often asked to present to a conference group about topics such as leadership development, team and culture development.

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Performance Improvement Program

Our Performance Improvement Program (PIP) is the cornerstone of our work at Leading Teams.

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Develop The Leaders Within Your Organisation

With a variety of programs to suit elite sport, corporate, education, or government organisations we can improve the culture and performance of your organisation.