In March, Leading Teams welcomed new facilitator, Kelly Vennus, into our team in Adelaide.  We sat down with Kelly to find out how she’s found joining the team.

Leading Teams facilitator, Kelly Vennus

Our newest team member, Kelly Vennus


Leading Teams: Welcome to Leading Teams, Kelly.  How does it feel to be back with the team?

Kelly Vennus: It feels great! This is actually the third time I have worked for Leading Teams. Initially I started almost 20 years ago as an athlete facilitator whilst playing netball for Melbourne Phoenix and as captain of the Australian U/21 team. The second time was when I returned to Melbourne after four years of living and teaching at a secondary school in London. I worked for Leading Teams for two years as a facilitator before moving into a managing role in a non-for-profit organisation. After eight years there and four years working in a governmen- funded organisation I returned to my ‘home’ – Adelaide – and accepted a position with Leading Teams here in SA. I’m here to stay!

LT: What made you decide to come back to Leading Teams?

KV: I have always loved the work I’ve done at Leading Teams and know how much of an impact it has on teams in many different industries. I have facilitated workshops for the past 12 years and it was perfect timing and circumstances to return to the company. I find a lot of organisations are now turning to on-line training models or one-off sessions but for me it’s about connecting with your team on a face-to-face level and getting the best results through ongoing relationship building.

LT: How have you found your first few weeks?

KV: I’m loving it! I feel like I’ve returned ‘home’ in a work sense as well. I’m working with a fantastic team in Adelaide and across Australia who have all made me feel very welcome (again!) and I get to work with so many other teams to help them improve. I love meeting new people, working with various industries and being able to support teams so they can improve their relationships within their organisation and ultimately improve their results. The last few weeks have made me realise how passionate I am about this work.

LT: What have been your first priorities since joining the team?

KV: My first priorities have been to connect with the SA team and the wider national team. I’m also re-connecting with many old colleagues, netball connections and family and friend networks. After 18 years living interstate and overseas it has been great to catch up and re-introduce myself to those people. I’m looking forward to facilitating a Leading Teams High Performance Leadership Program very soon!

LT: Are there any types of clients you’re particularly looking forward to working with?

KV: I’m really looking forward to working with a variety of clients. For the past 12 years it has very much been in the education field, mostly working with the leaders in schools. I’m looking forward to re-visiting my sporting background and working with sports teams, although right now I feel the most excited about working with corporate groups.

LT: What are you most looking forward to about being in the team?

KV: I’m most looking forward to helping teams improve their performance. I really enjoy the fact that we continue an ongoing relationship with groups and it’s not just one-off presentations. We get to build genuine relationships with the team and work closely with them to meet their needs.

After spending my first Leading Teams day [Leading Teams holds monthly all-team meetings] with our national team in Melbourne I’ve been reminded of the level of care and honesty amongst our team and although we are spread across the country there is a huge level of support for everyone.

It’s great to be back!


LT: It’s great to have you back, Kelly.

Caroline Reid

Caroline Reid

Caroline worked for Leading Teams from 2016-2018.