COVID-19 Update

As COVID-19 continues to spread, our thoughts go out to anyone who has been infected or impacted. I hope that you, your family, friends and colleagues are safe and well, and are taking the necessary precautions.

Leading Teams have established a series of protective initiatives to proactively protect our staff, their families and everybody we work with including clients, consultants and stakeholders. These initiatives are advised by the Federal Government’s official statements, and of course are updated as the situation evolves.

Leading Teams would like to emphasise that we plan to continue to support you, your team and your business within the government’s guidelines, and of course will consider your own circumstances. We certainly understand that business as usual will not be usual, but we believe that our work can continue to be valuable.

If you have any meetings scheduled for the next few weeks you should expect to be contacted by the relevant Leading Teams facilitator to organise how that work might look. We hope that our strong relationships with you will allow conversations that support continued improvement.

I have attached a copy of our Trademark, which is “Go The Extra Yard”. Be assured, we will strive to continue to do just that.

Like you, Leading Teams will continue to monitor the global, national and state situation regarding COVID-19 and act upon information released by the Australian Federal Government and each of the various State Governments.

We look forward to updating you as these initiatives change in the future and appreciate your understanding in this unusual circumstance as we all continue to adapt to this ever-changing circumstance.

Justin Peckett