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High Performance Awards 2018

On Friday 22 June 2018, we celebrated the fourth Leading Teams High Performance Awards. The Awards are our opportunity to recognise some of our most high performing leaders and teams in the company of friends, colleagues and clients.


Thomas Foods International

When Thomas Foods International suffered a catastrophic fire at their Murray Bridge processing plant in South Australia, the work they’d done with Leading Teams helped them pull together and get through the crisis.

Sydney Office Launch

In May 2018 we marked the official launch of our Sydney branch with a leadership breakfast at the Sydney Cricket Ground, attended by 80 local business leaders.

Leading Teams Client Testimonials

A selection of clients in a range of industries talk about their experiences of implementing the Leading Teams Performance Improvement Program.

Emmaus Catholic Primary School

“How do I relate with my colleagues and how do I use that relationship to build the learning capability of children?”

Principal Brendan Maher, and AP Georgia Cann, of Emmaus Catholic Primary School in Ballarat discuss the impact of working with Ray McLean and Leading Teams.

TAFE Queensland SkillsTech

“It’s beautiful in its simplicity as well – it’s not about reading volumes of leadership books; it’s about practical application and that leads to a practical outcome.”

Mary Campbell, General Manager, TAFE Queensland SkillsTech, together with colleagues Kate Ormsby (Executive Director, Human Resources, Client and Apprenticeship Services) and John Tucker (Executive Director, Educational Delivery) discuss the difference bringing in Leading Teams’ Tim Ferguson has made to their workplace.

Queensland Office Launch

In May 2017 we welcomed 90 guests to breakfast at the Gabba in Brisbane to celebrate the official opening of our Queensland operations.


“It’s not the same as every other team-building consultant, there is a different approach, a more involved approach I think. Leading Teams don’t just come in, do what they need to do for half a day and then disappear. There’s regular communication with Martine, she does follow up, emails, some homework…to the extent that Martine actually feels like she is part of our team.”

Keller‘s Diarmaid Long, Regional Manager, and Brenton O’Loughlin, Construction Manager, talk about how Martine Harkin of Leading Teams helped them through the merger of three businesses.

Leading Teams Client Testimonials

Hear from some of our South Australian clients on the impact of working with Leading Teams.

Kain Lawyers

“The most significant outcome of Leading Teams for us is the building of trust within the team.”

John Kain, Managing Director of Kain Lawyers in Adelaide, talks about the impact Daniel Healy and the Leading Teams program have had on his workplace.