Leading Teams facilitator, Justin Peckett has been working with CW Products for almost a year. We spoke to Operations Manager, Robyn McKenzie about how they are finding the Leading Teams program so far.

What issues were you noticing in your team that needed addressing?
We had developed a fairly negative culture throughout the business and there was employee behaviour that had been tolerated and accepted for a very long period of time without being addressed.

Why Leading Teams?
After researching the programme, meeting with Justin to get an insight into the programme and reading both books “Any Given Team” and “Team Work” by Ray McLean we believed the programme had the strategies we needed to improve our culture and team, starting with the Management.

What is the impact of working with Leading Teams?
By providing clear expectations, we have seen behaviour and culture improvements along with open and honest communication. (Possibly more so in the Management Team at this stage)

What areas in your business use Leading Teams?
We introduced Leading Teams firstly to our Management Team and due to the success we had we decided to get the entire business involved.

What is different about Leading Teams?
The programme is more interactive rather than theory based and staff became involved because of this. They felt included and found it both interesting and enjoyable.

What is the single biggest improvement you have seen in your organisation?
Positive Culture – Open and Honest Communication

What have you found out about yourself throughout this program?
I have found that today I tackle things differently to the way I would have 11 months ago. I found I was very quick to judge before and I am now more considerate of people’s feelings and ideas. I question myself and my behaviour everyday and ask myself if I am displaying our Trademark Behaviours.

In a word or sentence, describe your experience with Leading Teams
Amazing, really powerful stuff!

What would have been the impact had you not addressed the issues with your team?
We would continue to have had cultural and behavioural issues that would have resulted in a high level of staff turn-over.

Justin Peckett

Justin Peckett

Justin joined Leading Teams in 1996 as an athlete facilitator. After 17 years of a professional AFL career, playing 252 games, Justin became a full-time Facilitator/Partner in 2007.
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