The purpose of the Client Connect Forum is to bring Leading Teams clients together to build networks and share their experiences of building high performance culture and teams. The forum provides an opportunity for senior leaders to hear from leaders in different industries as to how they are implementing Leading Teams programs, and to share some of the successes and challenges that they have encountered along the way.

In 2019 that forum was held in Kingscliff, NSW over two days. We had 13 CEO/Director level leaders participate in the forum from a broad range of industries including education, agriculture, food production, law, construction, IT, real estate and media. Key note speaker Mark Evans, the CEO at the Gold Coast Suns provided an insight into how developing a strong culture is imperative to achieving success in elite sport.

The forum focused on building strong relationships amongst the group. Each leader was challenged to both share their own experiences while also playing a proactive role in assisting other senior leaders to consider and discuss real issues that impact leadership and culture in their organisations.

In post forum interviews the overwhelming feedback from participants was that they all benefited immensely from the groups ability to let their guards down quickly and have genuine conversations with one another.

From a Leading Teams perspective, it was further affirmation that when you can bring like-minded people together with a common purpose – improving themselves as leaders and improving their organisations – there is no limit to the results you can achieve, even in a very short space of time.

Guy Redhouse

Guy Redhouse