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Darren Harris - Thunderbirds 2

Adelaide Thunderbirds Head Coach, Michelle den Dekker, will implement the Leading Teams Performance Improvement Program in time for the 2016 ANZ Championship season.

The Performance Improvement Program will give players and coaching staff the opportunity to set the benchmark for the team’s performances and ensure internal accountability for its success.

Leading Teams Facilitator and Partner, Daniel Healy, will oversee the program’s implementation, which also produced positive results for Australia’s all conquering World Champion team, The Diamonds.

We’re really excited about the opportunity to work with the Thunderbirds,” said Daniel. One of our key indicators about how much impact we can have is the centres of influence and their knowledge and understanding of our model. We’re really lucky that Michelle has a great understanding of our model and philosophy and is a strong believer in them from our work with the Diamonds.

Michelle previously worked with Leading Teams during her tenure as an Assistant Coach for the Diamonds. She credits the program for having an enormous effect on the team’s success and believes it will help elevate the Thunderbirds to the top of the Championship’s ladder.

“Over the past four years I have worked closely with Ray McLean from Leading Teams within the Diamonds squad, and the player’s ability to work harmoniously together in order to achieve their goals is paramount in everything they do,” said Michelle.

“This program gives players and coaching staff the opportunity to set the direction for our performances and equally be accountable for what needs to be done.”

Daniel added, “We’ve got a coach and we’ve got leaders who understand the program and are passionate about change and wanting to create a new start for a club that has been a success over a long time.”

“The program won’t work unless we have buy-in from the leaders but with Michelle’s belief in the model, we’re halfway there. There’s going to be some hard work involved and it won’t all be smooth-sailing but we’re really confident that with the group that she’s got together, we can improve performance,” Daniel concluded.

The announcement received coverage from South Australia’s main newspaper, The Advertiser.

For more information about the announcement or to view The Advertiser’s article, please click on the links below.

The Advertiser

For more information on the Leading Teams program with the Diamonds, click here.


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