Our Approach

Leading Teams is passionate about implementing a sustainable program that focuses on developing effective employee relationships, leadership and accountability.

The Leading Teams model establishes a clear behavioural framework in order to enable open, honest and constructive dialogue to take place between members of the team in order to improve performance by increasing accountability. We believe open dialogue in relation to performance is critical for all leaders and members of high performing teams.

We believe that we can help "Any Given Team" to become high performing and this is the title of Ray McLean's first book.


Performance Improvement Program

Our Performance Improvement Program (PIP) is the cornerstone of our work at Leading Teams. It is a values-based approach to leadership, teamwork and culture change. The PIP is generally delivered over a sustained period for maximum impact and typically encompasses an all-of organisation approach. It is a behaviours-based framework for managing the entire life-cycle of any given team, from a member’s induction to their eventual retirement from the team. The program provides a structure that empowers team members to become leaders, be accountable, and participate in open and honest reviews of performance. We provide teams with the necessary tools to develop functional dynamics within the group and create a shared vision, behaviours and expectations.

Our PIP can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your team or organisation. The main areas that we address are:

- Leadership Development

- Team Development

- Culture Change

We work in a wide range of industries in organisations of various sizes. Our program can be rolled out with Board and Senior Executive teams, right through to entry-level teams.


Our Program in Action

The Leading Teams program highlights the importance of functional team dynamics and builds a strong level of engagement, commitment and accountability within teams. Specifically the model centres on:

  • Building and strengthening current relationships within and across teams
  • Identifying a common purpose for each specific team
  • Defining the behaviours which are considered essential to the trademark of the team/organisation
  • Developing leaders who behave in a manner that has a positive impact on their peers and the performance of the organisation
  • Developing a framework for leaders to honestly assess their own performance as leaders and that of their staff. This enables them to make intelligent decisions around recruitment, retention and induction
  • Further develop managers as leaders who model and drive the Trademark behaviours of the team/organisation
  • Creating an environment where open and honest professional dialogue takes place in regard to behaviour and performance


Foundation PIP

Our Foundation PIP has been created to give organisations the opportunity to experience the basis of the PIP if they do not have the capacity to commit to a full program. The Foundation PIP consists of one full-day and two half-day sessions.


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