63% of Australian employees said that a collaborative work environment was the most important element for creating a positive work environment, according to research carried out by Leading Teams in 2014.


With current resource constraints, most companies are focusing on the numbers, or as we call it at Leading Teams, the mechanics. However, it has been proven that focusing attention on the dynamics (e.g., culture, relationships, behaviour) will have a direct and positive impact on the numbers. This is the area we focus on at Leading Teams.

The Leading Teams model centres creating high performing teams. We work with organisations to facilitate the development of leaders, create an agreed behavioural framework, and facilitate the development of strong professional relationships so that team members can have genuine conversations.

Investing time and energy in building strong professional relationships is critical to developing levels of mutual trust and respect in a team environment. Once team members genuinely trust and respect each other, they then allow themselves to engage in regular, honest dialogue about individual and team performance and increase their capacity to improve.

High Performing Team Model v1

Watch Leading Teams Partner/Facilitator, Jim Plunkett talk through the model: